Digital Startup Toolkit Program

Fast Track Your Business Into Success

“A start-up is a « Bet » to transform an idea into a viable business, in fast and efficient way before the competition closes the gap.”

This program, specially designed for  entrepreneurs, will show you the latest digital resources and how to used them in innovative ways so you can develop your business faster and at a lower cost.

As an entrepreneur  it is difficult to keep track of the new advancements in all fields, while working hard to create or expand your business. This is why we have created guidelines on using the latest techniques and digital tools for each step of the business: from creation and testing your ideas, to launching your product and then running it, growing and adapting to changes in the market.

The Digital Startup Toolkit Program comprises 3 different sections, corresponding to your path in the business creation, spreading along two or three months each.

A section contains a series of subjects, delivered as monthly virtual classes (bi-monthly for the first section), supported by learning guides of activities and related reading material. It includes group sessions to follow-up and share practices of the presented concepts.

From idea to product

  • Lean approach to business2months
  • Internet Market research
  • Business models
  • Decision making on the digital era

Setup of your business online

  • Web presence3months
  • Working tools
  • E-commerce

Grow and adapt to market

  • Crowdsourcing3months
  • Data-driven strategies
  • Social Media

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